Shedding is the solo project of Connor Bell from Louisville. His latest album Plod & PLay Vol.1 is available for download now.

“School teacher by day and architect of angular space sounds by night Connor Bell has politely offered his vision of hi-fi (read: it doesn’t sound recorded under water) bedroom pop under the moniker of Shedding for just under a decade. In that time, Shedding has shifted in and out of sonic consciousness, toggling between the type of meditative ambience that earns high marks amongst the Hecker School graduates– such as his 2010 release on Hometapes Tear in the Sun– and a hook-heavy psychedelic amalgam of resonant synths and acoustic noodling. Bell’s latest, Demography, falls clearly within the latter, but with an acute eye toward the mathematical rat race of the Autobahn this go round.” – Kenny Bloggins/TheDecibelTolls


Somnaphon is the solo project of August Traeger from Milwaukee. Tracing Constructs is available for download now via Digital Minimum.

Jerod Summerfeldt & Somnaphon

Computer musician Jerod Summerfeldt will be joining Somnaphon for a very special independent set.

Jerod’s music focuses on the creation of algorithmic and stochastic processes, utilizing the results for both fixed and real-time composition and improvisation. His sound world explores digital audio artifacts and the destruction of technology, resulting in work that seeks to question the dichotomy between the intended and unintentional. An active performer as both soloist and collaborator in interactive digital music and live video, he currently serves as Assistant Professor of Electronic Music Composition and Theory at the State University of New York at Potsdam Crane School of Music, and as director of the SUNY-Potsdam Electronic Music Studios (PoEMS).